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Perhaps the most important thing you can consider about your financial plan is the difference between fiduciaries and non-fiduciaries, and who you prefer to work with.

The Investment Trap


The Income Gap


According to most planners you can only get about 4% per year out of your retirement savings if you want it to last. RSR shows you how you to leverage your savings to get about twice that and have it last.

Learn the secrets Wall Street doesn't want you to know.

With 10,000 Baby Boomers a day retiring and removing their money from investment accounts, Wall Street is facing a crisis (why do you think they tried to privatize Social Security?) Ready Set Retire will arm you with enough ammunition to understand what you need to do and when in a time when defense, not offense, is the key to winning the game.

About the Author
Stephen Kelley first came to the financial services business at the ripe old age of 48. As such he had a lifetime as a consumer of these products, as opposed to a lifetime as a seller of them. This is important because he can relate to where you are and the experiences you crave. He has endeavored to communicate this through his books and trusts you enjoy and are helped by them.

Stephen J. Kelley, CSA
Author, columnist, educator, radio host, financial planner.

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Ready, Set, Retire

by Stephen J. Kelley
Are you desiring a worry-free retirement? 
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"Often eBooks are little promotional items designed to get you to buy a product. Not so, "Ready, Set, Retire." This is a serious book about serious issues, designed to help people who crave a serious approach to retirement. We found it very helpful and trust you will, to. I am giving a copy to all my clients.

Greg M.
Estate Planning Attorney

The average investor lags the market by about two-thirds. RSR outlings things you can do to bring this under control, grow your money and have a retirement plan you can live with..