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Our personal coaching program will be unlike anything you have experienced. It's designed to uncover your personal truths by taking a hard and candid look at the things that motivate you. Our discussions will focus on your desires, goals, priorities, values, wants and needs so we can craft a plan that is not only financially sound but also congruent with your personal, emotional and psychological needs as well.


Discover. Plan. Execute. 
Review and Adju


Our planning process, crafted over 40 years of helping people achieve financial confidence and security, usually takes three or sometimes four meetings. It begins with a low-key, personal interview with one of the Free to Retire Guys themselves. You are never shuffled off to an associate or assistant at any point in the process. During this interview you will have an opportunity to ask any questions you like; nothing is off limits. We will describe to you our detailed planning process, and together will come to a mutual agreement as to whether you meet our three criteria:  are you coachable, can we help you, are we a good fit (do we like each other?

Assuming all parties are comfortable moving forward, we begin your financial coaching program in earnest with a detailed fact-finding analysis. Many of our clients have told us this was the single most valuable stage of the entire program. Fact-finding employs proven interviewing techniques along with a detailed, in-depth and deceptively simple Retirement Readiness Survey (RRS) that you perform at your own pace in the comfort of your home. It has been designed to produce the clearest understanding of your needs, wants, desires, fears, obstacles, and opportunities possible. 

Next, we meet to go over your RRS and discuss what each of us has learned from it. Your coach will probe areas that appear to be in conflict or less than clear. Once all parties achieve maximum clarity and an accurate understanding of your goals and objectives,  strengths and weaknesses, and opportunities and threats, we will begin to craft your plan using our state-of-the-art-tools. In total, discovery ordinarily takes one, sometimes two, meetings.


As we move through our planning time together, we will examine every piece of the puzzle. You will receive a customized Social Security analysis that will ensure you get the maximum benefit in the best way for your circumstances. If you have one, we will help you plan your pension so that it, too, provides maximum benefits for the rest of your life. We will examine your tax situation and potential healthcare needs. We'll help you identify as many potential threats to your retirement as we can and uncover every opportunity that is available to you.

Plan Deliverables

• Social Security Maximization Report: How do you use Social Security to get the most from your overall plan?

• ABC Allocation Report: Allocation you can relate to: "what do you want your money to do for you?"

• Riskalyze Analysis: How are your current assets allocated? Are they within your Riskalyze Profile?

• Tax Reduction Analysis: Are you paying more than you should?

• Retirement Income Plan:  More Now, More Later Retirement Recommendations

Many people believe the best way to plan is to get the most out of each component. We disagree. We believe the best way to plan each component is to drive toward the most efficient overall plan. Using this holistic approach ensures you will emerge from the process with a clear understanding of what you need, why you need it, and your sources of income for each and every year of the rest of your life. You will know, with confidence, how each component fits and works with all the others, why each strategy and 
tool is employed, and how each one benefits you. No longer will you have a hodge-podge of different products and accounts you don't understand or know why you have or how they fit together. Rather, you will have a cohesive plan that is structured to provide lifelong income but is flexible enough to bend as future circumstances require. Planning usually takes one to two sessions.


 Then, and only then, will you be asked to make a determination to move forward with the contracting phase where you sign applications and authorizations for us to move your assets and perform the agreed-upon allocations. At contracting our client-advisor relationship becomes formalized, moving your assets to us to manage on your behalf, and employing us as your advisors. Executing is a two meeting process, the first signing, and the second, delivering and reviewing the contracts. Once delivered, you will have a 10 to 30-day free look period in which you will be able to change your mind without charges or penalties. 

 Review and Adjust

 That's only the beginning. Each and every year there will be an annual review that is designed to compare the plan with what actually happened over time and to make adjustments as needed. We understand that the only constant in life is change. A plan is only as good as the way in which it is used, so we meet each and every year to ensure that you are achieving the intended results, and circumstances have not made your plan obsolete.


 Everyone needs to be paid for their work, including us.  However, we know that often people are unable to afford professional planning services, especially in-depth services such as these. Therefore, we have developed a flat fee-based structure that can ease the cost of a comprehensive plan significantly. The bottom line is we endeavor to make these services affordable to anyone who really wants and values them. Don't let the prospect of cost keep you from doing what's in your best interest. We certainly won't. That's the Safety First process. Discover, plan, execute and review and adjust. Together, so all parties have a clear understanding and common purpose.

How to Begin
It's all laid out for you. Your future is just a click away. Watch a video.  Attend a workshop. Listen to a podcast or download an e-book. 
Success is within your grasp. You just need to take action. 
The rest will take care of itself.

What makes your process different? 

We always start with the client. It's never about the money; it's always about the client's wants, needs, fears, desires, etc. Once you  understand the client's needs, the rest is easy.


Frequently Asked Questions

James G.
I've known Steve and Mark for years and recommend them to all my clients. They make so much sense, I not only recommend them to my clients, I use their services for my own finances!
Robert M.
I can't believe how great this is. I get to have all the income I need, and all of my principal is protected for my loved ones. I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't experienced it for myself.






I've heard never buy an annuity. Why do you think they would be good for me?
First of all, we have no idea if an annuity would be good for you...or not good for you. The problem with these broad-based statements is that they do not take into account the person's needs. If you have plenty of money and are willing to risk it in the market, perhaps an annuity is not right for you. However, if you have a limited amount of savings and want to be sure you having income for life, shouldn't you at least consider an arrangement that does just that?
How long does this process take and how much does it cost?
That's entirely up to you. We will adapt our pace to fit yours. Our goal is never to have cost stand in the client's way. In many cases, the planning process can be underwritten by the companies we work for. When that is not the case, cost is negotiable and will be discussed at your initial session, which is always free. 
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